Audio Triviality is a music trivia event with unique themes. Ever play trivia at any given establishment and there may be one or two music-related topics? Well Audio Triviality is ALL music, with a curated playlist!

The theme of each installment varies, with the questions and music mingling together. Themes include: Beer, Bad Music, Film & TV, eras of time, specific genres, and holidays such as Halloween and Satan Claws Comes to Town. …Just to name a few!

There are FOUR rounds consisting of FOUR questions per round. After the first half, there is a special bonus round, then after the second half, there are TWO final questions. Extra questions are reserved to be tie-breakers. The special bonus round may be a Picture Round, a Time Bomb, Sound Clips, or another fun mini game!

What are the questions like? Here are a few examples!
-What is Meatloaf’s real name?
-Which death metal band is Jim Carrey’s favorite?
-What was the name of the band featured in the film Airheads?

Some information and rules…
– Audio Triviality is free to play.
– 1-4 people per team.
– Using your phone to figure out answers is lame, don’t be that person. No Google, no Shazam, no asking Siri, etc. If caught, your team will not be eligible to receive prizes.
– Win concert tickets, vinyl records, posters & prints, giftcards, and other prizes!
– Duration: ~2 Hours
– Logo and poster by Motionless Visions.